Tweet, Tweet


No, the Twitter module isn’t quite this brief. Shirlee and Shannon, our resident tweeters, have set up this week’s module in it’s own blog.

Here it is: Twitter module at Krltwittering’s Weblog

You all should have received an email (in your Gmail account) with the username and password to the KRL Twitter site.

There’s also a link to the KRL Twitter feed at the bottom of the right sidebar here on this site. It will show the latest tweets, clicking on the heading will take you to the Twitter site.

Happy tweeting!

5 Responses

  1. I’m having a hard time with Twitter. I can’t figure out how to reply to other people’s sites….. =/

  2. Thaydra:

    Once you have set your account, find all the friends you know that are also using Twitter and start following them. They can then also begin following you. When you post a “tweet” from your account, it goes out to everyone who is following you. You can reply to someone’s site in that way, which will be public to anyone who is following you, or, you can send a direct reply to a specific person, which will be private between you and them.
    Here’s a link to the help page on Twitter about sending these private messages:


  3. P.S. to the above post:

    Here’s a link with some help on how to find frends on Twitter


  4. Ok, I think I got signed up for twitter, but I can’t figure out how to add the krltwitter to my friends…aaaghhh!

  5. Here’s the info from the Twitter help file on how to find and follow friends on Twitter:

    Finding your friends on Twitter

    Where are my friends?
    Twitter is fun! It’s super fun with friends! Now that you’re twittering, find and follow your friends to get their updates too. Find ’em on Twitter in several ways:

    User Search
    Find your friends with our long awaited user search. You can look people up by name, email address, user name, city, or any other information that shows up on the profile page, including the one-line bio!
    Invite via email
    Your friends will be added to your Followers and Following pages when they accept your invitation, and their updates will appear in your logged-in home page. When you invite people by email, their profiles will pop up if they already use Twitter, and you can choose to follow them from the invite page.
    URL lookup
    Plug any user name into this URL to see if someone has an existing profile:


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