Website recs pt 1

Here are a few recommendations we’ve come up with if you’re in the mood for some web-surfing:

Pandora – this is one of the sites John Fossett recommended in his Reader’s Advisory last week. It’s a free internet radio site that lets you select music–songs or artists that you like–then finds similar music to play for you. You can give their selections a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”, and Pandora will continually refine its choices based on your feedback.

StumbleUpon-StumbleUpon is like Pandora, only it works on websites, blogs, videos or photos. Find a website you like and StumbleUpon will then send you to a new site that is similar. You give your feedback, they continually refine the selections they send.

Both Pandora and StumbleUpon also have social networking components so you can see what others with similar taste are listening to or reading. (“when tormenting your younger sibling gets old”) — A compilation of time-wasting sites including things like an oxymoron list, dancing presidents, and weird names. Does have some pop-ups.

Complete Review — This website gathers bookreviews from across the web and compiles them into one place. Not entirely comprehensive but still useful

IMDB — Internet Movie Database with movie info, reviews, quotes, casting information, etc.

gofugyourself — A snarky fashion blog featuring celebrities in “What were they thinking!?!?” outfits.

Meez — is a site that lets you create your own avatar (a virtual personality) that you can add to your blog. You can choose a number of options for clothes, accessories, animation etc.