Tips on blogging

If you are new to blogging, or just want to get an overview, check out Wikipedia’s article on blogging.

Here are some links and tutorials on setting up your blog and blogging:

  • Blogger tour
  • Chris Abraham has a nice video tutorial on getting started using Blogger:

Want to try something different than Blogger? Here are links to similar video tutorials on WordPress, TypePad and Vox:

More? Here are some additional links to articles and tutorials on blogging:

  • Atomic Learning has a series of short (1 – 2 minute) video tutorials on different aspects of blogging.
  • ProBlogger has a series of tutorials (from Blogging 100 – Prerequisites, to Blogging 402 – Etiquette).
  • Starting a Blog is a blog about – you guessed it – Starting a blog. It has a number of tips and how-to articles.
  • BlogBasics also has a number of tutorials, from Getting Started to Advanced Tools.

Feel free to find a colleague or two and help each other get started. Happy blogging!