Some terms and tips about this site

Some terms to know about this site:

I Want You - Blogospherepage — the 3 main things you’ll find in this blog are pages, posts and links. As we go through the 19 weeks of krl2pt0, each new exploration will have its own page. In this blog, each individual post is identified with a tag

post — a post is an individual entry, usually about a specific topic. Posts are compiled chronologically with the newest post on top. In this blog, you can find posts in 3 ways:

  1. each individual post is listed in the “Tag Cloud” which is also in the right sidebar
  2. different pages will have links to specific posts
  3. all individual posts are compiled on a single page titled “Posts”, which you can see in the right sidebar

tag — tags are like keywords — labels that are used as to identify something. Tags can identify the content of a webpage, a blogpost, a picture or video — just about anything that you can find on the web. In this blog, each individual post is identified with a tag

tag cloud -- this is a collection of all the tags in the blog

sidebars — sidebars are found on the side of a page or post — they typically contain links, information, images or advertising. In this blog, there are two sidebars, one on each side of the page

Blogroll — a Blogroll is a list of links to other blogs and/or websites. Here, the Blogroll is in the left sidebar and contains links to the blogs of all krl2pt0 participants

Links — links are shortcuts ( or hyperlinks) that take you to another website, page, post or document. Any text that you see that is colored blue and underlined is a link — just click on the link to go to the new site. Links you find in pages or posts here in the blog will all open in a new window–close the new window when you’re finished; links in either of the sidebars will open in the same window — use the back button to get back to the original page you were viewing. Think of the links you come across as sidetrips — you can read them as you find them, or at a later time. Many of these provide additional information on a topic for those who are interested in digging a bit deeper

Archives — the archives, found in the right sidebar, contain a list of all posts, categorized by month. Clicking on the link for any month will bring up a page that contains all of the posts created during that month

How to navigate around the site:

Right now, you see 5 tabs at the top of the page:

  • Home
  • About krl2pt0
  • Week 1 — Getting Started
  • Week 2 — Blogging: Sharing Your Story
  • Week 3 –Tagging


As new pages are added, you will see them as new tabs at the top of the page, and in the right sidebar. You can get to any page by clicking on its tab at the top of the page, or by clicking on its title in the right sidebar. If you click on any one of the tags in the tag cloud, it will bring up an abbreviated version of that post. Clicking on the title (underlined in blue) at the top of the post will open the complete post.

If you find yourself still scratching your head about any of this, send us your questions via the “Contact krl2pt0” page, or in an email to