• Sue Whitford
  • Helen Ojeda
  • Nancy Manheimer
  • Bob Christensen.


The folks who will be working throughout the project to develop the weekly content are:

  • Shirlee Clarke
  • Shannon Peterson
  • Kim Doyle
  • Erich DeWald (you’re still with us in spirit, Erich)
  • Jeannie Ream
  • Laura Warren
  • Susan Lee
  • Bob Christensen

Branch Advocates

The people to turn to if you have a question that you and you colleagues can’t answer:

  • Paulette Rhoades (Bainbridge Island/Sylvan Way)
  • Gail Christensen (Bainbridge Island)
  • Laura Warren (Downtown)
  • Karen Jeyes (Kingston/LB)
  • Susan Lee (Port Orchard/Manchester)
  • Christina (Silverdale)
  • Laura Havens-Saunders (Sylvan Way)
  • Cristina Boerman (Poulsbo)

KRL Board of Trustees

KRL Foundation