Setting up an account / features of

In PLCMC’s Learning 2.0 blog, Helene Blowers offers links to several good resources on Check out this short video tutorial on del.ic.ious from the Otter group. It gives a nice overview of the site and step – by -step instructions on many of the topics discussed below. Another, Several Habits of Wildly Successful Users has some very useful tips on specific features in

Follow these steps to create a account:

  • Go to:
  • Select Register
  • Make up a user name and type it in.
  • Enter your password twice.
  • Your full name is optional.
  • Enter your email address.
  • At this point, you should be good to go — will send a verification email to complete the process.

Installing del.ic.ious Buttons:

At this point, you have the option of installing two buttons on your tool bar. This is the easiest way to work in One button will take you directly to the main page. The other button, labeled “Tag”, will automatically open the “post” screen and paste in the url and name of the site you are looking at. You can also add a description or other notes about the site. This is also where you add your tags and notes about the site. If the site you are loading had already been loaded by other users, the most popular tags would be shown and you could click on them to add them to your post. If you had already added other sites and had tagged them, all of your tags would be available in the same way. And, you can add new, original tags.

One last thing to notice on the “post” is the “do not share” button. You can choose to not share internal sites or sites that you do not want others to know you have included in your


After you have saved a few sites, you will want to investigate Bundling. Bundling lets you group a set of related tags together under one label. To create bundles and add tags to them, click on bundle tags at the bottom of your Favorites page, (or on the “Settings” page). This takes you to a new page within which provides instructions and tools for creating and editing your bundles.

Setting up a Network:

Setting up a network is as easy as clicking on “your network” and adding a user name. Add krl2pt0 to your network. You can add ptref, also, if you want to check it out further. Now whenever you want to see what is happening in those two accounts, just click on “your network” and select a site from the list you have created.Sharing sites is what it is all about. Go to You will find it is as simple as adding a tag: for:user_name substituting the user name (such as krl2pt0). Other users can do the reverse. If someone has sent you a site, you will be notified on your home page by the Links for You button at the top of the page. See the help file for more on this.


Subscriptions are a way to keep track of all new bookmarks saved with tags that interest you. Best of all, just like newspaper or magazine subscriptions, you don’t have to go shop for them, they are automatically sent to you. All you have to do is pick the tags you want to subscribe to and each day, new links to sites with those tags are sent to your subscription page. As new links are added to your subscription page, older links drop off, so you always have a list of the newest entries.

Add tags to your account, create a network, share your tags with others, and continue to explore more features of as you go.