Comment URL’s

Here’s how to find the URL of a comment you leave in someone’s blog:

This is an example of a post dated June 26, 2007, in the Sirsi blog. This was posted by Bananakafe at 3:55 PM and has one comment.

comment URL screenshot 1

If you click on the time of the post (3:55 PM), it will bring up a new screen that shows both the post and the comment:

comment URL screenshot 2

The comment Permalink, or URL, is embedded in the date the comment was posted. If you right click on the Permalink you will see the menu shown below:

comment URL screenshot 3

Select “Copy Shortcut” from this menu. This will copy the URL. You can then paste it into the tracking log which will provide a link back to your comment.

6 Responses

  1. If you are on a Mac, instead of “right-click”, you just hold down the Control key and then click on the date, in the directions above.

  2. ok, not being sure that I actually correctly placed a comment into the blog tracking log, i came back to the blogging info sight to root round a little more…then I noticed the “how to do this” link and it brought me here….

    now that I think i understand where to find the comment URL info, and I’m pretty sure I get the “copy ” part, how/where do I get to the “paste it “part? I really am a neophyte at this stuff and need things to be exactly spelled out for me. If there is any assuming to be done, it’s lost on me, and I think that might also be true for some other folks.

    AAAghh! I require complete transparency!!

  3. Mary:

    You’re doing great, poking around, picking up some new stuff. Sometimes the details can get frustrating with all this stuff.

    So — I think i understand your question — where to put the comment URL once you copy it. If you are that far, you’re almost home. Now just go to the Tracking Log, click on the tab at the bottom of the page labeled “Blogging.” Then, past the URL in the column titled “Comment URL.” That’s it — you’re done. Let me know if it works.

    Bob C.

  4. ok, I think I did it…ignore the other post you’ll find elsewhere concerning this exact subject…I can’t keep track of all the different places I can leave a reply!

  5. Mary:

    Way to go. Take a step back & give yourself a pat on the back. Remember, it’s only the second week — look at all you’ve done!

    Bob C.

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