This will be your starting point for each of the explorations during the 19 weeks of krl2pt0. On this page you’ll find the background and goals of krl2pt0, and how to get started in the program, as well as updates throughout the 19 weeks.



2.0 is wrapped…….2.1 is starting.

But, before moving into something new on the site, I want to make sure that everyone who finished has gotten (or will get) their mp3 player and certificate.

I’ve attached a .pdf file that has a list of everyone who finished – anyone not on the list that believes they should be, please let me know.  I’ve also listed folks who finished but are patiently and graciously waiting for the next shipment of mp3 players (rumored to be here this week).  Again, if you haven’t gotten a player and you’re not on the list, please let me know.  (Here’s a link to the file:  Final list).

Next week there will be a new front page for 2.1, but all the content from 2.0 will still be here.

See you next week.  



A huge thank you to everyone who planned, organized and attended the wrap party last week.

Reader's Choice Winners

For those of you who weren’t able to make it, here are a couple of links.

  • The first is to a Power Point file of the Reader’s Choice Award winners and nominees
  • The second is to the Power Point file of blog quotes (best viewed as a slide show)

Suzanne Christman was the winner of the laptop.  I hear she got some expert advice from her daughter on how to set it up….

 SuzanneIf you haven’t yet picked up your certificate of completion or mp3 player, let me know.  Also, if you won a CDW gift certificate, check out the “extras” post in the tag cloud to see your options – email me your choice.

 There is still a week-and-a-half left for anyone who is working to finish up.  We’ve ordered more mp3 players – they’ll be waiting for you……..

Just as a side note – I have a wager with HannahGrams – if we make it to 70 people completing 2.0 by the end of the month, she has to buy……

Karen Jeyes wrote a blog post on how to download an audiobook from KRL’s collection to her mp3 player.  Check it out, at Lost in Libraries – it might save a small headache or two.

At the end of the month, this page will also graduate – from krl2.0 to 2.1  No assignments or anything, but we’ll look at all of the ideas you’ve generated the past few months and look out how we might implement them.  Also, we’ll continue to post new sites and tools we find – some you might be able to use at work, some just for fun.

So, check in every now & then.




This is a note about a new Facebook application, courtesy of Anne Ross (thanks Anne!). For those of you who have a Facebook profile, or know someone who does, OCLC just came out with a WorldCat application you can add to your profile that will let you search for books, movies and music – then locates libraries nearby that have the item. I tried it – it’s easy to use and it located materials that were held at KRL and O.C.

Here’s a link to more info about it:




graduationThe last few days I’ve been reminded of that feeling I used to get during the last week of school, just before summer vacation – kind of a mixture of excitement and relief, but also the recognition that I’ll miss the friends I’d made during the year. I think one of the best parts of 2.0 has been getting to know so many of you (at least in a virtual sense), through your blogs, photos and emails.

All of us who worked on putting this together want to extend our appreciation and congratulations to all of you. Getting here – to the last module – (Sharepoint will be up this weekend), took a great deal of perseverance, and for many, a generous investment of your own time. Along the way you’ve brought creativity, humor, some wonderful writing and a lot of great ideas.

graduationWe hope that all of you who finish by Valentine’s day will be able to come to the wrap-up event. We’re trying to work things out with branches that have staff meetings that day to allow you to attend both. More on that next week.

For now, three pieces of information to share with you:

  • First – what will happen to this blog once 2.0 is done
  • Second – our “Reader’s Choice” Awards
  • Third -the winners of the incentives for the Facebook module

Krl2pt0 blog

The krl2pt0 blog will stick around and we’ll keep all of the content on it for anyone who wants to check back on something, or continue to read different blogs. (You all are going to keep blogging, aren’t you?). It may have a new front page, but all of the modules will still be listed on the sidebar.

Actually, krl2.0 is going to morph into krl2.1 – no assignments or anything, but we’ll keep posting from time to time on new things we come across, and, on what we’re going to try and do with the ideas you’ve generated.

Reader’s Choice Awards

Everyone who participated in krl2pt0 did a great job with their blog – some were clean and minimal, some full of photos, videos and more. Each one had its own unique voice and personality.

We want to recognize the blogs that you felt were exceptional in some way. It could be the look, the content, the design and layout, the sense of humor — whatever it was that grabbed your attention and kept you coming back.

We’ve created a survey form where you can nominate up to 3 of your favorites, and say a bit about why you chose them. We’ll announce the results at the event on the 14th.

Here’s a link: Reader’s Choice Awards Survey


  • Finally, the winners of the extras for the Facebook module are:
    • Bell, Book and Blogzilla (CDW gift certificate)
    • Am Engaged, Trying Not to Remain Endangered (krl2pt0 time-share vacations – yeah, you’re right – still just t-shirts)
    • if history repeats itself
  • ==============================================================================================


    Bloglines (an RSS feed aggregator – remember back to week 3?) has a feature that lists it’s Top 1000 feeds.

    People do tune in to what we have to say………..


    Hey all:

    Three pieces of news, one reminder, and a tidbit or two. The reminder first (so I don’t forget) – someone asked this morning if the content from earlier weeks is now gone from the site. It isn’t. All of the pages are listed and can be accessed from the sidebar on the right-hand side of the screen —–just over this-a-way——–>>>>>

    Now for the new stuff:

    • Constance O’Shea (Bell, Book and Blogzilla) and the Collection Management team have set up a Reader’s Advisory wiki called Books Read Around. It features reviews by KRL staff, links, information on book groups, with much more to come. You are all invited to contribute. Right now it’s still in its young wikihood, so Constance asks that you send anything you’d like to add, or any questions you have, to her (coshea@krl.org). It’s a great site that’s just going to get bigger and better – check it out!
    • The Twitter module is now posted for next week – it’s just a bit different than past weeks – but you’ll see when you get there
    • Finally, the winners for Week 2 of wiki extras are:
      • the way i see it (CDW gift certificate)
      • bookmobile (krl2pt0 leather jackets – O.K., sorry – still just t-shirts)
      • the wisdom of three


    Shannon Peterson is off to the ALA midwinter conference in Philadelphia. She promised she would blog from the conference, so check out Shantasmmogoria and keep her honest.

    Next up after Twitter: Sites for Students




    Happy New Year KRL!

    As we find our way back to work, say good-bye to the holidays and to 2007, we will also be saying farewell to some familiar faces here – Fernando Conill and Cindy Harrison, and hello to Rebecca Judd and 2008.

    We’re also entering the home stretch of krl2pt0. Next week we’ll be looking at Facebook, followed by Twitter, sites for students and the final module which will be on Sharepoint. The final two weeks will be set aside for everyone to catch up and dust off your caps and gowns before the wrap-up on Valentine’s day.

    Yesterday we had the drawing for the first holiday week extras. Everyone who contributed to the KRL wiki last week was eligible (and many of you have added some great stuff!). We’ll have the drawing for the second holiday week this coming Monday. Again, everyone who adds something to the wiki this week (through Sunday night) will be entered. The winners of last week’s drawing are:

  • Otak Saya Sakit (CDW gift certificate)
  • With krl2pt0 t-shirts going to:

    • Thank You to the Wild Birds
    • Observes & Musings

    Send an email to krl2pt0@gmail.com with your choices on the gift certificate and t-shirts (sorry — down to only large or X-large on the shirts, but, they work as pajamas, too). Congratulations and best wishes in 2008 to everyone!



    happy holidays

    Happy Holidays, KRL!

    Best wishes to everyone — those traveling for the holidays; those who are home; and to everyone whose family and friends are in more distant places.

    Both this week and next week are set aside for everyone to enjoy the holidays, and catch-up or play in 2.0 land. We will have a drawing for some stocking stuffers, both at the end of this week, and again after the first of the year. Each week, everyone who adds something to the KRL wiki will be eligible for the drawings. You don’t need to blog about it or put anything in the tracking log, the wiki tracks all the changes and additions (just make sure to use your name when you log in).

    doggy holiday greetings

    (I know pictures of puppies are a bit shameless, but I couldn’t resist this one — reminds me too much of someone I know).

    Also, here’s a link to a post with more Web 2.0 sites – some for fun, and some with some potentially very useful applications at work.




    So, whatever you celebrate, however you celebrate it, have a warm and wonderful interlude. See you in ’08.




    Two pieces of news:

    1. The module for week 1 on wikis is now posted. You should have received an email (in your gmail account) with the password to the KRL wiki. We’re using a site called PBwiki (so named because using it is as easy as making a Peanut Butter sandwich). Check it out, play around in the fake branch or the sandbox.
    2. KRL now has it’s second video on YouTube. It should be easy to find – it’s a training video (of sorts) with guest appearances by Dottie Mae, Joe Gonzalez and Joan Sauer. All the applause goes to Joan and Susan Lee, who came up with the inspiration, of course Joe and Dottie Mae, and especially, to Errol Vartanian, the man behind the camera and all of the post-production. No one but this group could have made packing a shipping box so much fun.




    pandaI love the snow — watching it, walking in it, throwing it, sliding in it. Probably not as much as this guy, but it is one of my favorite things about this time of year. So, what does that have to do with LibraryThing, you might ask? Just that another one of my favorite things is announcing the winners of our drawings — feels a bit like being Santa. (O.K., not a real smooth seque, just a good excuse to cruise flickr for some snow images).


    This week, the winners of the drawing for completing the LibraryThing extras are:

  • SnugasTwoPugsinaRug (CDW gift certificate)
  • With krl2pt0 t-shirts going to:

    • Half a Dance
    • Bell Book and Blogzilla

    Send an email to krl2pt0@gmail.com with the particulars, we’ll get the prizes to you.

    snow scene 2

    I’ll get two more chances to play Santa at the end of December. Meanwhile, it’s on to wikis for the next two weeks. Oh, and don’t forget to check back with YouTube in the next week or so for another KRL video.


    snow scene3






    Drum roll please……..

    This week the drawing, witnessed and verified by Susan Lee, included everyone who had at least one new blog post this month about one of the assignments. Like before, the prizes are a CDW gift certificate and 2 krl2pt0 t-shirts. By popular demand, the colors once again are black or noir, in large or X-large. So, without further ado:

    The winner of the CDW-G gift certificate is: rainydays&mondays

    Send an email to krl2pt0@gmail.com with you choice of size, color and gift certificate item (click on the “extras” link in the tag cloud to see the choices).

    December Drawings

    Next Wednesday’s drawing will include everyone who completed the extra assignment for LibraryThing. We’ll have a holiday drawing and a New Year’s drawing, again for everyone with a new blog post during December about one of the assignments.

    Next Up

    Next week’s module on YouTube is now posted. Next up is two weeks on wikis –a KRL wiki that we’ll collaboratively create. The last two weeks of December will be to catch-up, play and celebrate the holidays.

    We’re almost at the half-way point, and the good news is there is plenty of time to catch-up, so don’t stress about where you are right now — remember, it’s first and foremost about playing, learning and having fun!



    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

    thanksgiving basket


    Before we all head off for a few days with family, friends and turkey dorphins, just a quick update about the schedule and the next drawings.

    First the schedule

    thanksgiving mooYouTube is next up. It should be posted in about a week (Hannahgrams – can we negotiate?) We’re not procrastinating on it. Really. We’ve got something a bit extra in the works for you, just for fun. It’s about….well……uhmm…..I guess you’ll just have to be patient. (I think that’s called a tease…..). For those of you looking for some new things to play with or explore until then, we’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorite websites – some entertaining, some a bit snarky, and some a little strange. Click here to see the recommendations.


    We’ll have our next drawing on Monday, November 26th. Everyone one will be eligible in this one as long as you have made one new blog post this month about a 2.0 assignment. We’ll have another drawing the following week for everyone who completed the extras for LibraryThing.


    Check out “Its more than the menu” by Accumulate Man. I can’t think of anything that sets a better mood and spirit for Thanksgiving.

    Best wishes to everyone.



    There are two very cool things to tell you about this week. The first part is fun, but make sure to read on to the end, the best part is saved for last.

    The fun part is announcing the winners of this week’s drawing:
    The winner of the CDW-G gift certificate is: Radical Trust
    Winners of krl2pt0 t-shirts are:

  • Replace Barcode at Branch
  • SnugasTwoPugsinaRug
  • As before, to see the CDW items, click on the “extras” link in the Tag Cloud — make your pick and send us an email — we’ll order it for you. The t-shirts come in large or X-large; your choice of colors are black or noir. Let us know which size you want and we’ll get it delivered to you.


    The really cool part is this.

    Mineshaft Canary was the winner of last week’s CDW gift certificate — MC selected the webcam. A webcam is kind of a cool thing – many people sit it on top of their computer so they can send video messages to family or friends, maybe add a live feed to their blog. That’s not what’s going to happen with this webcam. Here’s MC’s description of its future home:

    “This nifty little device shall be sent to the Kilimanjaro Lion Research Project in East Africa where I shall have Antony Kasanga’s techies rig it up to give a live webcam feed on life in the lion research base camp, available to all in the (internet connected) world and especially to KRL…So krl2pt0 is set to have profound influence on International Wildlife Conservation in general and lion research in particular as well.”

    lionsLion Conservation.org (“Living with Lions“), is where the webcam will be going. Once it is connected, the feed from the webcam will be broadcast on Antony Kasanga’s blog, “Lion Guardians.” Both of these sites are now also linked on our blogroll. Visit the sites, leave a comment and let Mineshaft Canary know what you think.

    Again, in MC’s words, this is an example of “the daisy chain of real life connections we are making with krl2pt0, hands connected, electronically, around the world….. to make real life and meaningful differences on a worldwide scale….this isn’t just an empty exercise, it is beta forever lived live.”

    Pretty special.

    Don’t forget to check your Gmail for some news on how we’ll change the drawings around a bit, and to meet Errol Vartanian, our new team member. And of course, take a few minutes each day to read a blog or two of your colleagues. They’re pretty cool as well.


    Week 7 — LibraryThing — is now up for all you overachievers who are moving ahead. The “About” page — FAQ’s about the program, is not gone, you can still find it in the right sidebar, listed under “Pages”. Each week as we go forward, one page will be moved off of the top of the screen to make room as new pages are added. You’ll still be able to access any of them from the “Pages” menu.


    And the Envelope, Please….

    Congratulations to the winners of the first “extras” drawing!!!

    • The winner of the CDW-G gift certificate is: Mineshaft Canary
    • Winners of krl2pt0 t-shirts are:
      • into the ether kicking and screaming
      • Otak Saya Sakit

      To see the CDW items, click on the “extras” link in the Tag Cloud — make your pick and send us an email — we’ll order it for you.
      The t-shirts come in medium, large and X-large; your choice of colors are black or noir. Let us know which size you want and we’ll get it delivered to you.

      7 more drawings to go!


    Happy Halloween 2.0’ers

    halloween eyes


    To get in the spirit of the season, it’s only fitting to highlight a few blogs that feature vampires, ghost stories and zombies.

    vintage halloween card 1Start with Back to the Grind and 30 Days of Night; browse over to Bell Book & Blogzilla and warm up with some Victorian Ghost Soup; or check out the Birdhouse for some Campfire Stories. Of course we can’t forget Movies about Zombies. Skoganblog doesn’t have any ghosts or zombies, but tells a great story about a pretty spooky goat.


    vintage halloween card 2

    The drawing for Week 3 “extras” will be Thursday — if you’re not out trick or treatin’, you still have till midnight Wednesday to get ‘er done. If you want some details on how the drawing works, check out the aptly titled post, extras.

    (Images from homeschooling.gomilpitas.com, Spook School; and riptheskull, Vintage Halloween Pool on flickr).

    Good luck one and all!



    It’s truly amazing what you all have created in just the first two and-a-half weeks of krl2pt0. There are so many great ideas popping out in your blogs, and in the comments going back and forth:

    Check out the way I see it. You’ll not only find some great storytelling and a link to internet TV, there’s also a terrific example of taking an idea from LTD and making something special happen. Also, browse over to Kingston not Jamaica for a glimpse of “the little city by the sea.” The Clueless Blogger offers a webcam view of their hometown in Austria. And, an interesting tidbit: Life Learning had literally just created their blog, and in less than a cyberminute received a comment from a teacher in Texas. Whew!

    Several of the 2.0 crew have posted some tips in their blogs. Shirlee’s Weblog has the most enticing introduction to bundling tags in del.ic.ious that you’ll find anywhere on the web. My Two Cents and Sensibility adds some tips on tagging and RSS.

    A note on the schedule – we had originally scheduled the first “catch-up and play” week to follow LibraryThing, a couple weeks down the road. But everyone has worked so hard these first few weeks, we thought a breather was in order, so we’ve moved it up to follow Week 4 and RSS. So, Week 5-6 is Flickr, following that in Week 7 is LibraryThing.

    Extras and incentives — the first weekly drawing for “extras” will be next week. Anyone who has completed the “extras” listed for Tagging (Week 3) by next Wednesday (Oct. 31st), will be entered in the drawing. More details to follow.

    Finally, give each other a big pat on the back for all you’ve accomplished so far – you deserve it!


    Wow. What a first week this has been. I’ve read HannahGrams, listened to some new shoegazer music, toured the Underground and the Birdhouse, and seen some wonderful musings on literature, lifelong learning and library 2.0 . And this is just a sample…..Links to two other blogs created by KRL staff have also been added to the blogroll: Esion Knalb, John Fosset’s music blog; and slowrabbit, a photoblog by Patrick Gulke. Take a look at both of them — thanks to John and Patrick for sharing these with all of us.

    We got a nice shout-out from Matt Gullett on his blog — we’ve officially joined the biblioblogosphere of libraries who have, are, or will be doing things 2.0. (which is a nice segue to some questions and comments that have come in about privacy).

    Nearly 100 KRL staff have signed up since Monday — we’re waiting to welcome the rest of you. In several branches, people have been working together in groups to get started in the program and set up their blogs. It’s a great idea and I hope those of you who have done this will write about it.

    Most of all, this week has provided a glimpse of the incredible creativity and imagination that is all around us here at KRL.


    krl2pt0 is modeled on Learning 2.0 (23 Things) developed by Helene Blowers at the Public Library of Charlotte Mecklenberg County (PLCMC). We all got to meet Matt Gullett, a colleague of Helene’s, on Library Training Day. (Click here if you want to see Matt’s presentation again).

    Learning 2.0 was designed to give participants a chance to explore and play with a variety of tools and technologies that are often referred to as “Web 2.0” — tools like blogging, wikis, podcasts and RSS feeds, tagging, social networking and more. Learning 2.0 has now been adopted in nearly 125 different libraries in 5 different countries. (You can find out more information about these programs on this Google map ).

    It sounds like fun, but what does it have to do with our mission here at KRL?
    Here are some thoughts from Jill Jean, Kitsap Regional Library’s director, about krl2pt0:


    One of the things you will find as you go through krl2pt0 is that libraries around the world are using these tools in innovative ways to change how we interact with each other, and, as new ways to engage and interact with patrons as well. We’ll provide links and examples to some of these programs — but more importantly, over the next 3 months, we will have a chance for a collaborative conversation about how we can use these tools here at KRL. All of this pretty well sums up the 3 primary goals of krl2pt0:

    • to provide all of us with an opportunity to explore and play with some Web 2.0 tools
    • to use these tools as new ways to collaborate and share information
    • to generate ideas on new ways KRL can engage with and involve our patrons and the community

    Completing krl2pt0 is not an ending point, but a starting point…….what will krl2.1 look like?
    So, what is Web 2.0?
    There are a lot of definitions of what Web 2.0 is, and how it differs from “Web 1.0.” One of the major differences is that Web 2.0 tools and technologies are participatory. Steven Lee (in “Coming of Age: An Intro to the New Web, p.20) described this evolution as moving from a “place” (a website where information is presented) to a “social and collaborative platform” where users interact with the author and with each other; and, where users also generate new content. Wikipedia, one of the first and most well-known 2.0 tools, adds that Web 2.0 is “characterized by open communication, decentralization of authority….(and) freedom to share and re-use.”

    In “Exploring Web 2.0 and Libraries” (Library Technology Reports, July – August 2006), Michael Stephens cites some of the core values associated with Web 2.0: sharing, trust, openness, participation and facilitating community. Sounds like a good place to start…..but, one more thing first.
    Before we get started, some thanks are in order
    A number of people have contributed to the planning and development of this project. See who they are. Of course none of it would have happened without the enthusiastic support of Jill and the leadership team, and, members of the KRL Board and the KRL Foundation. The Foundation provided the support for our incentives — the MP3 players we’ll all receive when we successfully complete the program. (Oh, haven’t we mentioned the incentives yet? Find out more on “About krl2pt0“).

    Many thanks to everyone for your efforts, ideas, creativity and support.

    All of us working to put this site together will be learning along with you. One of the things that is frequently said about web 2.0 is that it is in “continual beta” — constantly evolving — primarily through the interaction of all of its users. The centerpiece of krl2pt0 will be the collective conversation we have about these tools. The ideas that each of us contribute will expand and enrich this conversation. Post comments here on this blog; read the blogs of your colleagues and post comments on them. Every one of us participating in the program will add a unique voice to the dialogue.
    Links, pages, posts, sidebars — what are all those things?
    If you are new to blogs and this sounds like a foreign language to you, follow this link for some definitions and tips on how to navigate around this site. If it’s old stuff to you and you just want to jump in, here you go……

    So how do I get started?

    Start by reading About krl2pt0 — this page contains some FAQs about the program and the incentives. (Click here if you want to see the entire course schedule). Then, go to Week 1 — Getting Started — here you’ll find the assignments for this first week.

    If you’re interested in looking ahead, go to Week 2 — Blogging, and Week 3 — Tagging.



    (from Unshelved, 08/16/07)


    28 Responses

    1. I changed the name of my blog from “Engaged Not Endangered”, to “Am Engaged Don’t Want To Remain Endangered” Would you please change the link on Blogroll? And take the new poll? Thanks!

    2. Oops! I actually changed the name of my blog to “Am Engaged Trying Not To Remain Endangered”. See how fluid thoughts are in the cyberworld? Things, like thoughts, change quickly when one is still stumbling around in a new world…

      I hope you read all of these emails before you change blog names.

      Sheepishly grateful to ask so much, so early,

      Hannah Boh Bana

    3. Ms Boh Bana: done — stay fluid

    4. Totally amazing job staff did setting up this content, complete with cartoons. Love the blend of professional + fun = library. Keep em coming!

    5. Hey, Bob. “My name is HannahGrams and I’m a Blog-a-holic…’ Well. Not yet. Exactly…

      [No offense intended to those other “…holics” out there.]

      I just thought it might be nice to get a blog up on KRL2pt0 that discusses most LOVED movie and TV DVD’s from VIEWERS points of view. KRL has a very good DVD collection, which is under-reported or NOT mentioned in KRL2pt0 blogs.

      I know John is doing one of some sort, but I am sure his will be much more from a professional perspective than we amateurs can write, when we’re just sharing info about DVD’s that we LOVE for some reason. (Oh. i am pretty sure he won’t have snack recommendations that best suit the particular movie or TV series post, either.) But mine will.

      I am not sure this is a reasonable request since most KRL employees don’t even have one blog up and I asking you to put up my second. However, if you like the idea, well, it doesn’t hurt to ask does it?

      The title is “0000H How I LOVED That Movie or TV Series DVD I Got At The Library!!” Those are 0’s [zeros] that I’ve been duking it out with, at the beginning of “0000H…” The URL is:


      I do think it may be nice for those of us who watch AND read things from the library to have a voice. We are people too…even if we don’t read books in much of our spare time.

      Yours in mania and asking on cramped, bloodied fingertips, Hannah Boh Bana

    6. Ms Boh Bana:

      Rest your bloody fingers, my dear (the mania part we probably can’t help with).

      Behold the blogroll…

    7. Hey, this could be fun! I too enjoyed HannaGrams.
      With this ‘group communication’ I still like to know who
      is speaking. For instance, who is the ‘I’ in this
      post at the beginning of the KRL2.0 message?
      Please come forward!!!

      Wow. What a first week this has been. I’ve read HannahGrams, listened to some new …


    8. Stepping forward — I’m the “I” behind the beginning of this krl2pt0 message. Not trying to be shy or obscure, I just feel like this is a very collaborative effort overall, not an individual one…..trying to walk that line between owning things that reflect a personal opinion, and respecting the “we” that is really behind this.

    9. I haven’t received my Excel tracking sheet. How do I access it.

    10. You should have an invite to the Tracking Log in your Gmail account. Let me know if you haven’t received it.

      Bob Christensen

    11. Hey Bob,
      Yeah, just step forward and be the moderator.
      We appreciate it (that’s the collective ‘we’).
      a.k.a.Stella B.

    12. Bob, I tried to send a comment yesterday. It seems to have disappeared. I wonder if I have totally messed up all of my stuff? 😦

    13. Hi Bob and everyone,
      It came up in conversation in our department this afternoon that maybe some don’t realize that our blogs are on the World Wide Web and are not just in the network of KRL. Perhaps it would be a good idea to emphasize somewhere that when folks put names and pictures in their blogs, they are making them available to anyone anywhere who has the internet. Just a suggestion. Thanks!

    14. Karen:

      Yes. Yes. and Yes.

      We’ve alluded to it a couple of times, and we were going to talk about it in the “News” thing today more directly.
      We decided to wait till next week, but you are right — it is something everyone should keep, at least in the back, of their mind.
      Many other libraries have done similar things, and from what I’ve seen, most responses people get to their blogs are either supportive, or at least benign. But we are out there, and you never know….

      Good suggestion.

      Bob C.

    15. Wow! What wonderful blogs! You all are amazing.. what a interesting, diverse, knowledgeable and intelligent bunch of people we have at KRL!
      p.s. this is fun!

    16. ok, so this is the new blog i’ve made. have only posted one thing, so it will change a lot once i have more time to work on it.

      more soon.

      lots of great blogs happening.

    17. So, what are the results of the drawing that was held on Monday the 26th?! 🙂

    18. Kelly:

      I’ll post the winners tonight. Good luck!


    19. bc: enjoyed your snow pix

    20. I tried to click on the link provided in the latest message (1-29) and it doesn’t work for me. Do you have an updated link I can try? It sounds neat!

    21. Looks like they moved the page.

      Try the new link.


    22. Eh.. I really like your attentions to my scary habitat Good joke 🙂 What’s a chimney sweep’s most common ailment? The flue.

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